As far as lighting is concerned, your high bay space requires adequate lighting to enhance safety measures. Depending on your needs and preferences, we have varied high bay lights in terms of shapes, i.e., rectangular and round. With the current LED lights technology for high bays, you can use any fixtures to fit in any shape for an amazing look. Each of these bay lights, which can be skinny, long, linear, or round, has different uses and advantages. Are you eager to learn more? Well, keep reading.

Note: When selecting high bay lights for business purposes, you must factor in the customers and employees at large. That is why in the market, there are different shapes for different purposes.

All you need to Learn about Varied High Bay Lights

The Round High Bay Light

Also known as UFOs, they are the easiest to fix since you only hang at one single point. However, you need to ensure the place has a high ceiling since it emits light at 120 degrees. These types of lights are ideal for a restaurant setting, but they can also fit in a large open space used for commercial purposes. However, when buying the round high bay lights, take note of the lumen. Even if the watts are high and the lumen off the bulb won’t meet your needs.

Linear High Bay Light

These are the common types of high bay lights you probably have come across. If you have been to warehouses or large grocery stores, you have seen the linear high bay lights. Although they look like T8 bulbs, they are completely different. These ones are ideal for large buildings as they can light up more spaces at a go. When installing them, ensure to include them in all directions for proper lighting and illumination.

Note: Always understand the purpose of the high bay lights before purchasing. For instance, should you be a retailer, how you light up your space will affect the buying behavior of your customers.

Strip Lighting

Before the rise of the LED technology for high bay lighting, old fluorescent bulbs used to create more light by running on long trips. However, that approach added lots of work, especially during the installation process, and they aren’t a perfect idea, especially if you are above 14ft.

But if you are a stylist and you want to add an incredible look to your space, you can use LED strip lights for your high bay space and enhance the overall look.

Having known the varied high bay lights, you can use to enhance the look of your space, which one is your favorite? Well, that will depend on the functionality and your preferred style.


For commercial buildings or any other bay lights, ensure you make an appropriate decision when getting the lights to enhance the look while lighting the area as required. As discussed above, different LED lights for high bay are meant for different purposes. You should ensure before you purchase any that it can deliver the services as anticipated.


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