sublimation tumblers often come with great designs that make them stand out from other tumblers. When you look at the designs, you may begin to wonder how long they will last before fading away. You are about to learn whether sublimation tumblers designs last for a short time, or indefinitely.

How long do Sublimation tumblers designs last?

When you purchase your sublimation tumblers, you will likely come to love the design. However, since you are not sure whether or not the design will fade away with time, your joy may not be complete. But as you purchase your sublimation tumblers, you should develop great confidence as the design on them is made to last for a longer time. The manufacturer passes sublimation tumblers through many processes to ensure that the design doesn’t fade away with time.

During the manufacturing process, the sublimation paper is folded around the tumbler, and a hot gun is used to transfer the design from the paper to the tumbler. The manufacturer often completes the process by putting the tumbler inside in the oven for about 6 minutes before removing the sublimation paper, leaving the design on the tumbler. These processes involved in adding the design to the body of the sublimation tumblers prevent the design from fading away with time. In fact, you should expect the design to remain on the tumbler indefinitely.

Do Sublimation tumblers designs wash out?

After using the sublimation tumblers for your drinks, you will always wash them for reuse. No matter how long you wash the tumblers, the designs will not fade away. The processes involved in adding the design to the tumblers make it nearly impossible for the design to erase by washing. You can wash your sublimation tumblers as long as you want without erasing the design at any inch.

How to extend the usage of your sublimation tumblers

If you want to extend the usage of your sublimation tumblers, you are expected to take note of some safety measures to accomplish your goals. You can extend the lifespan of your sublimation tumblers in the following ways.

  • Keep the tumblers in a safe place: Before buying sublimation tumblers, ensure that you have mapped out a particular shelf to store them. You are not supposed to keep your tumblers at any spot you like, to avoid scratching the design. If you have kids at home, endeavor to keep your tumblers away from them.
  • Do not use a harsh dishwasher on the tumblers: Some people prefer washing their dishes and tumblers with rough surfaced sponges. If you continue to use this type of washer on your sublimation tumbler, you may scratch its surface. Hence, endeavor to use smoother washers to clean your sublimation tumblers.
  • Handle the sublimation tumbler with care: You are required to handle the sublimation tumbler with care. Do not allow the tumbler to slip off your hand and hit the floor. When you handle it with care, its lifespan will surely be extended.


Learning about the lifespan of sublimation tumblers is crucial, especially when you want to use them for an extended period of time. The design added to the tumblers is specially made to last a lifetime. However, if you do not handle the sublimation tumbler with care, you may lack the ability to enjoy its usage for a longer time. You can follow the procedures listed above to handle your sublimation tumblers.


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