Nowadays, it is almost impossible not to find a hot food vending machine in a school, train station, hospital, airport, gas station, and other regular places we always visit.

Also known as automated pre-packaged hot meal vending machine, they have become the fastest way to get a hot meal like a hotdog or hamburger without the hustle of having to queue for long.

The growing demand for hot fast foods that are accessible, regardless of location, has had a massive impact on the rise of hot food vending machines.

Is a Hot Meal Vending Machine an Ideal Investment?

The hot food vending machine business was valued at $18.28 billion in 2019 and is projected to grow by 6.7% through 2027 to a value 0f $25 billion.

With such projections, hot meal vending machines will be among the most profitable enterprise in coming years.

Why Should You Consider a Hot Meal Vending Machine Venture?

The most notable advantage of the hot meal vending machine business is flexibility and freedom.

The need to hire staff is minimal. Many of these machines operate unattended.

Apart from investing in a franchise with good market promise for high returns, other benefits of the hot food vending machine business include:

1. Low start-up cost

With less human operation and similarities to kitchen appliances, meal vending machines are among the cheapest business to start. The majority of start-up costs come from the machine itself and stock items.

A low cost of between $1,200-$3,000 can get you a refurbished machine, while a new one can cost between $4,000-$8,000, depending on size and features.

2. Easy to Manage and Maintain

Checking and standing next to a machine daily can be tiresome. Food vending machines give you the freedom to balance your business and personal life.

The machines, equipped with various digital payment options, limit the human-to-human cash exchange.

Little maintenance and oversight are required. Less human interference makes it rare for the machine to break down. Electricity to run the vending machine is reducing utility expenses.

3. Generates Revenue

Hot meal vending machines are a lucrative income-generating source. Revenue is guaranteed daily because of the wide variety of meals available.

4. Can be Leased

Instead of buying, you can lease a food vending machine. Leasing reduces the investment amount making it easier to venture into the business.

5. Franchise That Sells 24/7

How exciting can it be to make cash throughout the day and evening? A hot meal vending machine offers you an opportunity to have cash flowing even when you are asleep.

Hot meal vending machines are always open and provide hot food 24/7, making them reliable and efficient.

6. Mobility

Meal vending machines can be carried from one location to another and continue to deliver the same services. Entrepreneur thinking of relocating or taking their vending machine to a place where its services are needed can do so without any challenges.


Like any business, there is much to consider before getting carried away with owning a franchise. Experience and some knowledge place you in a better position to make wise decisions.

Consulting other vendors in the business can help you have much clarity and enough information to help you make a concise judgment when planning to invest in these machines.


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